Thermodynamic Panels


Thermodynamic Panels are designed to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike solar panels, Thermodynamic Panels do not rely on direct sunlight to create their energy. The panels work as part of a thermodynamic heating system, in what could be described as a refrigerator in reverse.

The Thermodynamic Panels contains a refrigerant liquid which has a starting temperature of -22 degrees. It is this incredibly low starting temperature that allows the panels to create heat throughout the day and night, even in colder climates.

As the refrigerant liquid passes around the panel, the outside temperature helps to raise the temperature of the liquid. The refrigerant liquid has a boiling point of -15 degrees. Once the liquid reaches this temperature it vaporises into a gas form.

This gas is now taken into your solar assisted heat pump and compressed to create your heat energy. This is used with your water cylinder to heat your water supply.

Once this heat energy is used within your thermodynamic heating system, the temperature of the liquid returns to -22 and the process starts again.