At Ambient, we design, supply and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems which enable you to generate your own electricity and help lower your bills. This will reduce your dependancy on the national grid and the energy suppliers. In fact, if you wish to take advantage of the Export Tariff Scheme, the energy suppliers will pay YOU for the all excess energy that you do not require.

Around 30% of Britain’s energy was generated from renewable sources in 2018 – solar in particular is continuing to break records. In addition, rising energy costs has motivated more homeowners to turn to solar PV as a means to safeguard against future hikes in energy costs.

Reducing reliance on the national grid not only equates to savings but also reduces your carbon footprint and contributes against climate change.

PV energy is a simple and cheap alternative to the traditional fossil fuels – one that is in no danger of running out and poses no environmental risk. But solar panels are not just good for the environment, they also come with numerous financial benefits.

Modern solar panels are perfectly capable of generating power even in cloudy conditions. That’s because PV solar panels only need UV light, rather than sunshine, to work at full capacity.

To find out more about how investing in solar power could save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, and even add value to your property, continue to browse our website or contact us directly on 0800 99 49 567 to speak to one of our expert Solar PV technicians about how we can help with your energy needs.

5 reasons to invest in solar

• Save Money
• Safeguard against future energy price hikes
• Save the planet
• Use your daylight
• It’s a great investment