Inverter Upgrades

Inverter upgrades

Solar Edge

SolarEdge inverters generate more power from a solar PV array than standard string inverters. The additional power generated will depend on the specifics of the installation, but the uplift can be as much as 25%.

The SolarEdge system achieves this by optimising the power output of each individual panel.

In a PV system, each panel has an individual maximum power point. Power output will be reduced by things like:
dirt (pollution, leaves, bird droppings etc);
manufacturer power tolerances (for example the output from a 250W panel with a +5%/-5% tolerance is guaranteed to have a peak output of between 238W and 263W);
shading (which may or may not exist at the point of install);
degradation – panel output degrades over time, but different panels will degrade at different rates (panels come with a guarantee of at least 80% of original output after 25 years).
With traditional string inverters, all panels perform at the level of the weakest panel. With SolarEdge, each panel has its own power optimiser, enabling it to output the maximum power regardless of the behaviour of other panels.

Benefits of solar edge

What you get:
• Record Breaking 99% Efficient Inverter
• Optimiser fitted behind each panel to harvest up to 25% more energy
• Lifetime of Online Monitoring
• Option extend the inverters warranty to 20 or 25 years
• SafeDC™ for maximum safety in case of an emergency